Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fireside with President and Sister Kezerian in Westport

On Wednesday September 12th, a Zone Conference was held in Westport with President and Sister Kezerian. They gave us wonderful and timely counsel that all the missionaries have committed to follow. After conference the Kezerian's were interviewed for an article in the regional newspaper, that covers the 2 branches on the West Coast. While this was going on the elders went 'door knocking' in the Westport area, and found 10 new contacts for us to work with! Later that evening the branch held a potluck dinner and fireside for the community. The meal was wonderful and President and Sister Kezerain delivered powerful messages. This was an exciting time as this was their first visit since we arrived in early January. It was a great event with 30+ attending, including 8 non-members + 3 less-active members. We are looking forward to their next visit!
President Kezerian & Elder Turner greeting Brother & Sister Van Den Bosch

Sister Kezerian and our friend Levette

Elder Raston & Elder Dalit who is our District Leader

Elder Lott and little Samuel - Future Missionary

Sister Kezerian with Levette, Sister Mitchell our Branch President's wife and Sister Maugham

Sister Kezerian and President Mitchell our Branch President

Pot Luck prior to the Fireside

Elder Pae'a & Brother Barrell

Elder Lott & Elder Ma'asi with two young men they invited to the dinner 

Sister Fuata Prasad, Sister Turner, our friend Ashika and Sister Kezerian

Brother Maugham - Brother & Sister VanDenBosch

Our friend & neighbor Frank visiting with Sister Kezerian

Elder Ma'asi helping with the Ice Cream

Elders Kelly, Ma'asi, Brother Barrell and Elder Raston

Our friend Silla, Sister Turner, Sister O'Connell, Levette

Another visitor Vanessa talking with Sister Stack

Elder Hunt & Elder Brown

Sister Fuata Prasad

Friday, August 31, 2012

Pictures for our Grandchildren

Sea Life Replica at the Te Papa Museum in Wellington, New Zealand

Dinosaur's  (Clint will especially like these)

Look at those teeth!

Kiwi (They only come out at night and are very rarely seen)

Ela read a book about the Weta and ask if we had seen one yet.  Well Ela, from the looks of these, I'm not sure I want to meet one!!!


Giant Moa and Giant Eagle

We were about to drive over this bridge and out of the corner of my eye I noticed something in the water on the right.

Two little ducks coming down the stream

Up over the bridge

Down and off we go!

It's Spring in New Zealand and the little lambs are newly born.

They stick very close to Mom - as do most babies

This mama nudged the lamb with her head until he stood up

She kept a close eye on us as we were taking pictures

This baby wet his pants!

Too cute for words

Granddaddy and I were out for a drive on a rainy day and look what we saw down by the sea.  A seal!

Getting a drink of water

I think he loved the attention he was getting.

Gave us a smile and one last pose before he disappeared down the bank and back in the ocean

Mandarin Oranges

Lemon tree

It's Spring and the birds are singing so beautifully

We often see rainbows with colors so brilliant.  We are often reminded how much Heavenly Father loves us because of the beauty we see on this earth.  We love Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ and are grateful to serve them on a mission.  We are truly blessed to have our family and the blessing each of you are in our lives.  Love you all and miss you everyday - Gamma & Granddaddy!